​​RADBURNRESIDENT is an independent website that is not affiliated with The Radburn Association, its Trustees, Manager or any of its employees. The purpose of the site is to provide Radburn residents with easy access to information about the community. 

As per the By-Laws, ​the Members of The Radburn Association (the "Association”) shall include:

  • (a) those persons named in the Certificate of Incorporation of the Association;
  • ​(b) those persons as shall from time to time be elected to serve as Trustees in accordance with the provisions of SECTIONS 1 (a)(i) and 1 (a)(ii) of ARTICLE III of these By-Laws;
  • (c) those persons as shall from time to time be elected to membership by the Members at a meeting in accordance with the provisions of SECTION 1 of ARTICLE VI of these By-Laws; and
    (d) the President for the time being of the Radburn Citizens' Association ex-officio.

Only Members who are residents of The Property (as such term is defined in ARTICLE THIRD, SECTION 1 of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Association) shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Members of the Association (and such Members who are entitled to vote shall be referred to hereinafter as “Voting Members”).

As stated in Section 4 of the By-Laws, the Board shall, without limiting the generality of the duties set forth in SECTION 3 of this ARTICLE, also:

  • (a) Cause a record to be kept of Board and Member proceedings, minutes and acts.
  • ​​(b) Present a full statement at the Members' Annual Meeting, and at any other meeting of the Members when required by the affirmative votes of a majority of the Voting Members, describing in detail the assets and liabilities of the Association and generally the condition of its financial affairs.
  • ​(c) Supervise all officers, agents and employees of the Association.upon The Property or any part thereof by any deed, covenant or agreement affecting the same.

As stated in Section 3 of the By-Laws, the Board shall:

  • ​(a) Call special meetings of the Members whenever the Board deems such a meeting necessary and advisable.
  • ​​(b) Elect a President, Vice-President and Treasurer of the Association, each of whom must be a Trustee and shall serve without compensation. The Board shall also hire and elect a manager and a Secretary, and may elect, appoint and/or hire, as the case may be, such Assistant Secretaries and such other officers, agents' and employees of the Association, on such terms and compensation and to perform such duties and service as the Board shall determine at its pleasure.
  • ​(c) Determine, levy and assess. annually the charge created by ARTICLE Five of the Declaration, and any other charges which may from time to time be created against or made liens upon The Property or any part thereof by any deed, covenant or agreement affecting the same.
  • ​(d) Exercise, on behalf of and for the Association, except as otherwise provided by the Laws or by, these By-Laws, all powers and authority vested in the Association.

As stated in Article IV of the By-Laws,

​​(d) The Manager shall be elected by the Board to serve for one (1) or more years or until a successor is elected and qualified. The Manager need not be a Member nor a Resident. The​ Manager shall have the following duties:

  • (i) The Manager shall be responsible to the Board for the proper administration of all affairs of the Association and to that end shall make all appointments on behalf of the Association except as otherwise specifically provided in these By-Laws, and shall hire and discharge all agents and employees of the Association. The Manager shall have the authority to sign all instruments in the name of the Association which are necessary for the Manager to perform the manager's duties and responsibilities as provided for in these By-Laws or when specifically authorized by resolution of the Board.
  • (ii) The Manager shall, except as otherwise directed by the Board, attend all meetings of the Board and of its committees and participate in Board and committee​ deliberations.
  • (iii) The Manager shall prepare a budget of proposed expenditures of the Association for the several purposes of the Association for the succeeding calendar year. The manager shall cause such budget or a recapitulation or summary thereof to be published in The Radburn Bulletin at least ten days prior to the date scheduled for the November meeting of the Board, and at such.-meeting an opportunity will be given for all persons affected to be heard with respect to said proposed budget.
  • (iv) The manager shall not serve as a Trustee.

The Board of Trustees is made up of the following:

  • Six individuals who are elected by the residents and serve staggered 3-year terms
  • Two voting members who are elected/appointed at the Members annual meeting and serve a 1-year term
  • One individual who serves as the President of the Radburn Citizen's Association, which is a 2-year term

The Radburn Association is operated by a Board of Trustees, comprised of nine people, and a manager-director. Trustees are nominated by Board members and elected by the residents of the community and the members of the Association. 

The Citizens' Association is the civic group to which any resident may belong. It serves as a sounding board for public opinion, and through its president, who is automatically a member of the Board of Trustees during his/her term in office, provides the trustees with information on how residents view current issues, policies and problems.

Radburn Residents are NOT considered to be "members"​ of the Association unless and until they are elected to the Board of Trustees.  Membership is not synonymous with unit ownership. 

Radburn is part of the Borough of Fair Lawn. The Radburn Association, the corporate body provided for in the covenant, collects the charge, provides recreational programs, maintains the common property, enforces the covenants and sets policy.